2X Barcelona

In partnership with Conecta Barcelona, the 2X program helped 10 SMEs from diverse industries to improve their current business and find new revenue streams.


  • Encofrados Alsina

  • Hormipresa

  • Fundación ITEC

  • Dicomol

Complementary Constr. Services

  • Pinearq

  • Lamp

  • Xavi Coll


  • Flexor

  • Valores & Marketing

  • Sivana

The following are 3 case studies of successful companies throughout the program

Flexor was founded in 1963 to improve the health and comfort of people's feet. They are experts in manufacturing foot insoles, especially latex.

Alexis Granero, CEO

Core Business

  • The company wanted to increase their sales through online marketplaces, for which they did not have a defined strategy.

  • For this, they defined possible solutions that included e-comerce training, and research, benchmarking and expert inut for ideal product strategy and pricing policy for each marketplace.

  • They used diverse solutions such as Barcelona Activa, Cibernarium, ICEX, ACCIO, Google, amongst others.

New Offerings

  • Your Foot Solutions was created for clients to access a personalized design of their foot insoles based on biomechanical criteria

  • Through an app, clients take 3 photos of their feet and in 72 they can have their personalized insoles at home

  • The company leveraged their IP and technology to access new market through B2B and B2C channels

For more than 5 years, Lamp has created functional and customized solutions for its customers' lighting challenges, adapted to their rchitectural projects around the world. The company advises, designs, produces and makes technical lighting projects possible

Ignasi Cusidó, CEO

Core Business

  • Lamp's pain point was to optimize preparation for client visits in a way that could convert leads to customers more effectively

  • Lamp decided to centralize the information in a way that they can visualize the company's experience and potential opportunities to work together in a 360 way

  • They used Microsoft Dynamics and Google Sites to improve their current process

New Offerings

  • YourLight by Lamp is an algorythm-based platform that allows B2C clients to access expert advice on lighting and buy online

  • The company seeks to democratize good lighting, highlighting the importance on comfort and well-being

  • The platforms makes available the tools to properly illuminate each space

Valores & Marketing was born more than 25 years ago to connect brands with people. Theit trajectory has given them the experience so that more and more clients connect with society, providing them economic and social value.

Juan Mezo, CEO and Partner

Core Business

  • Valores & Marketing's biggest pain point was internal organization and defined task-based planning as a potential solution

  • The company's solution was to use a repository of processes and digital and non-digital project management tools

  • For the succesful implementation of thge solutions, they prioritized processes and worked on company culture through pilots

New Offerings

  • Gamification for Sustainability is a specialized training for company employees on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

  • For a month, employees go through a 16-hour e-learning in a game environment using Microsoft Minecraft Education

  • Employees are trained to see the relevance of the SDGs in their daily activities