2X Cucuta

In partnership with The Chamber of Cucuta, we helped 11 companies to go back to business before the pandemic. The 5 week process was divided into adapting the business and winning in the new normal to finally deliver a solid implementation plan.


  • Traperos El Mejor

  • Supermercado Ebenezer

  • Cosmogreen


  • Bodega andaluza

Food & Bev.


  • Pan Gourmet


  • Net Service

  • Hotel Atlantis

The following are 3 case studies of successful companies throughout the program

Traperos El Mejor is a Manufacture and distribution company for of cleaning articles, mops and plastic bags committed to satisfying the needs and demands of our customers.

Jaime Marti, Founder

Core Business

  • The company was experiencing problems with people leaving their houses due to the COVID 19 pandemic, therefore an efficient delivery scheme was implemented to reach the customers´s homes

New Offerings

  • The biggest problem the company had at the time was the competition coming from the hard discount stores, therefore we started a partnership with one of these stores to win new customers

Company focusing on providing comprehensive cleaning solutions for home and companies. Cosmogreen is focused on the development and manufacture of detergents and degreasers.

Carolina Moros, CEO

Core Business

  • Despite the fact cleaning and sanitation protocols were mandatory, the company realized that they were not communicating them effectively, reason why many of them were being skipped. A communications campaign was developed where all staff and clients were informed of the necessary health requirements.

New Offerings

  • As new sources of income Cosmogreen started developing new products focused on sustainability, currently this industry has a high rate of pollution therefore they wanted to develop products that are reusable

Katalinda designs, manufactures and markets women footwear, with high standards of quality, innovation and according to international fashion, reaching every corner of Colombia

Yesid Quintana, CEO

Core Business

  • As a result of the pandemic, the company was highly affected in terms of sales, since footwear was not something that people were prioritizing. The company developed a new business model focused on micro sellers where individuals acted as strategic partners, these people could sell their products at authorized points, social networks and physical stores.

New Offerings

  • As new offers, katalinda focused on starting a market expansion plan to Ecuador and Mexico. The way to enter these markets would be through strategic partnerships that would help them to soft land with less risk, time and costs.