Cohort 3 Case Studies

We would like to showcase case studies grouped in the 4 main industries that participated in the second cohort; Food & Beverage, Personal Services, Retail, and Professional Services

Food & Beverage


Professional Services

Personal Services

Food and Beverage

Carlene O’Garo - Delectable Desires

Online presence is your front door to get the new “online foot-traffic”

Key Issue: There is not enough food traffic, catering and wholesale clients have stopped or reduced

Key Aha: Google search for “Cake” has increased by 20% in the pandemic

Key Solution: Online store with re-designed website that will offer the products and deliver it to your doorstep

Teresa Maynard – Sweet Teez Bakery

With new channels to manage, simplify your menu to high-demand products to better allocate your resources and ease re-opening

Key Issue: Re-opening with new channels for consumers might increase a demand that the business might not be ready to meet

Key Aha: Work your menu for higher margins, quality control and right-sizing operations

Key Solution: Re-open with a limited menu highlighting unique offerings or high-demand offerings for better inventory control to ease re-opening

Cecilia Lizotte – Suya Joint

Let your consumer experiment with your products at home and use this opportunity to tell your story and engage them

Key Issue: Serving those clients who are not ready to come to the restaurant and providing an alternative option to bring the experience home in a practical and sustainable way

Key Aha: 75% of Americans are more confident about cooking, 50% are learning more about cooking

Key Solution: Providing the opportunity for people to assemble their meals while learning about African cuisine and its traditions with story-telling behind it


Dr. Lesa Dennis-Mahamed – Gallery Eyecare

Meeting the work-from-home market needs by providing access to their products via the website

Key Issue: Demand has not returned to normal yet and there is a need to increase revenues

Key Aha: Prolonged screen time can be harmful and now 20-30 times more people are using zoom now compared to Dec 2019

Key Solution: Gallery Eyecare is now offering anti-blue light glasses which block harmful light from computer screens and will be upgrading their website to feature online ordering

Duane Osborne – Just T

For businesses that cannot leverage online tools, collaborating with other businesses can increase brand awareness and sales

Key Issue: Just T does not have an online presence because he lacks knowledge on how to use them effectively and does not have the time to do it

Key Aha: Other businesses cannot afford to rent a brick & mortar store and need a space to sell merchandise

Key Solution: Just T can support other Black-owned businesses by giving them retail space to sell their products and increase my revenues by charging them commission

Professional Services

Karla Morales – Your Home Detox

COVID has blocked some customer segments and has revealed an opportunity to sell the same services to different customers

Key Issue: Customers are spending more time at home so demand for cleaning services has declined

Key Aha: As businesses re-open, they need certified clean solutions to regain trust with their customers

Key Solution: Your Home Detox can offer commercial cleaning services to high-touch businesses that are opening first, as mandated by Massachusetts

Ryan Brathwaite – Tech Wave Group

Businesses need to position themselves online to communicate their offerings and be visible to clients

Key Issue: Target customers are unaware of Tech Wave Group and how their services can help during COVID

Key Aha: Tech Wave Group cannot hold an in-person launch of products and must find a way to reach clients

Key Solution: Conduct online demos of products and participate in online conferences to share expertise and showcase tech solutions

Personal Services

Oriana Burgos – Nissi4Barbers

Businesses that are already safe can help other businesses to build new capabilities that would help regain trust of their customers

Key Issue: Lack of formality from their clients making the services insecure and disorganized

Key Aha: As supplier you can teach your clients how to be safer, improve processes, and build digital capacities to increase industry overall revenue

Key Solution: Train clients on how to be safer, manage inventory, and organize their sales through Nissi's website and online workshops

Eurayshia Williams Reed – ShiShi Lounge

Due to a loss of qualified employees during the pandemic, there’s an opportunity to train candidates to get qualified employees back in the market

Key Issue: Not able to capture the right talent to provide specialized services limiting her ability to grow

Key Aha: Schools don’t provide practical training to stylists to specialized on afro hair

Key Solution: Recruit her own employees by providing face-to-face, online workshops, and courses specialized in afro hair

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