Cohort 4 Case Studies

In Cohort four, we had 30 success cases of participating businesses. There are two case study examples grouped in the following industries

Food & Beverage

  • Yamacu

  • Meal Mantra


  • Many Graces

  • Yvees Honey

Professional Services

  • Clarafying Coaching Institute

  • Affordable Green Movers

Personal Services

  • Boston Ink

  • Los Magicos Barber Shop

In the Food and Beverage sector, Yamacu was looking for opportunities to strengthen a revenue-generating product and Meal Mantra wanted to explore new distributor partnerships

Dugu, an African restaurant business affected by the pandemic pivoted to a single product entrepreneurial business called Yamacu, a popular natural ginger juice sourced from local produce

Salimata Bangoura

Growth Strategy

  • Sign up to 350 Farmer’s Markets to promote the product offline and engage with new customers

  • Drive a comprehensive digital social media strategy to raise brand awareness and capture new or existing clients

Digital Tools

  • Use Canva to develop marketing materials following the brand book manual created to drive online traffic with the marketing strategy for Instagram

Revenue Growth Expectation

The current revenue is $8,500 and is projected to increase by $35,700 in the short term (3-6 months) by:

  • Utilizing marketing collaterals and farmers markets material to enter 350 farmers markets and increase sales

Meal Mantra has validated a product of quality in the market and is ready to take a bigger step by partnering with Food Service contract companies while selling directly to consumers via their website

Turun Bhalla

Growth Strategy

  • Expand to sell to new B2B stakeholders like Food Service Contract Companies

  • Exploring B2C with digital platform users by selling through website

Digital Tools

  • Improve social media engagement and communication by utilizing Instagram, Tiktok, Tasty, etc. to familiarize consumers with cuisine and product background

Revenue Growth Expectation

The current revenue is $86,400 and is projected to increase by $131, 412 in the short term (3-6 months):

  • Expanding into contract Food Service space $82,706

  • Increasing digital visibility to attract digital customers $48,706

In the retail sector, Many Graces was exploring a new business model leveraging its current capabilities, and Yvees was opening new stores and strengthening their marketing presence

Rebecca and Kel Komenda - Many Graces

Many graces create a new business model called Pick Your Own Flower leveraging their production site while also landing new partner proposals and increasing their production capabilities

Growth Strategy

  • Make the proposal generation process more efficient

  • New offer “Pick Your Own Flower” leveraging their production site

  • Plan to increase the production capabilities by 2X

Digital Tools

  • Eventbrite as a sales channel to start promoting PYO Flower, Canva to significantly free up the owner’s time with the proposal creation, and Fiodesk to improve email marketing for current and potential clients

Revenue Growth Expectation

The current revenue is $120,000 and is projected to increase by $175,000 in the mid term (7-12 months):

  • PYO Flower $20,000

  • Proposal Template has accelerated the process that will potentially help close an average of 5 more proposals a year $35,000

  • Increase the production capabilities would generate another $120,000

Ivy Lawson - Ivyees Honey

Ivyees’ consultant team were able to find solutions how to improve current website, create Social Media Strategy, and to take advantage of the opening of the two new stores

Growth Strategy

  • Improve current website to increase traffic and sales conversion

  • Social Media strategy to Drive Sales

  • Solutions on Ivyees’ CRM decision and packaging creation

  • Support on an decision of an existing project (2 new stores to be launched)

Digital Tools

  • HubSpot is being considered as CRM system, YouTube to collaborate with influencers (Mikey G and Sarah from Peace Corp), and Instagram to increase the website traffic.

Revenue Growth Expectation

The current revenue is $1.2 MM and it is projected to increase by $1.5M in the mid term (7-12 months):

  • Website and social media development $1M

  • New locations revenue by $500,000

In the Professional Services, Clarafying Coaching Institute was developing a marketing strategy to increase the client base and Affordable Green Movers modified its offering to new market needs

Clara Diaz Anderson - Clarafying Coaching Institute

Clarafying Coaching Institute will leverage a digital marketing strategy to increase class sizes and will use Kajabi as a digital tool to create a self-paced online course

Growth Strategy

  • Facilitate live certifications courses once per quarter rather than once per month

  • Execute marketing strategy to promote courses through her established network and increase class sizes

  • Develop a self-paced, online certification course

Digital Tools

  • Clara will be promoting her courses by posting digital flyers and content on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as through her personal network. She will use Kajabi and an Instructional Designer to create the self-paced, online certification course.

Revenue Growth Expectation

The current revenue is $70,000 and is projected to increase by $245,000 in the long term (1+ year) by:

  • Selling live certification courses $125,000

  • Creating and selling an online certification course $120,000

Edinelson SantosAffordable Green Movers

AGM will offer moving services for small businesses and offices as well as build storage units and rent them to consumers and businesses looking for extra storage space

Growth Strategy

  • Build new AGM website that improves operations and customer experience

  • Expand to offer moving services to small businesses and offices

  • Build storage units to generate additional monthly revenue

Digital Tools

  • Build new website using SmartMoving or shyft to integrate tools such as a scheduler and automated emails. Digital brochures and paid ads will be published on association pages such as to drive more online traffic

Revenue Growth Expectation

The current revenue is $100,000 and is projected to increase by $330,000 per year in the long term (1+ year) by:

  • Providing services for 8 small businesses or offices per month $250,000

  • Renting storage units could potentially add $80,000

In the Personal Services, Boston Ink will leverage an online tool to reduce manual operations and Los Magicos will expand her portfolio of offerings

Eric James - Boston Ink

Boston Ink will improve his operational booking process by acquiring a digital tool FRESHA and will add to its portfolio of services Temporary Tattoo and Tattoo removal

Growth Strategy

  • Implement an integrated online booking platform and a marketing strategy focus on social media

  • Add to the portfolio of services “Temporary Tattoo” and “Tattoo Removal” leveraging current capabilities and assets

Digital Tools

  • Use FRESHA as an integrated online booking and scheduling platform and payment solution and Buffer to manage its social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

Revenue Growth Expectation

The current revenue is $150,000 and is projected to increase by $180,000 in the mid-term (7 -12 months) by:

  • Improving their current website and social media engagement $10,000

  • Relaunching the tattoo removal concept $170,000

Argentina Villar - Los Magicos Barber Shop

Los MBS will create an academia to teach technical skills for businesses owners to train their own employees while also adding a new service for wax hair removal

Growth Strategy

  • Implement a social media strategy

  • Incorporate "Wax hair removal" to the portfolio of services to modernize the offering and create a "Barber School“ to train new qualified talent and generate new sources of revenue

Digital Tools

  • Use Canva to create a brand kit and plan a social media content schedule, and leverage Instagram and Facebook with paid ads to create more engagement and build a community

Revenue Growth Expectation

The current revenue is $48,000 USD and is projected to increase by $55,000 USD in the mid-term (7-12 months) by:

  • Utilizing marketing collaterals to generate sales $4,000

  • Launching the Wax hair removal $35,700

  • Barber Academia concepts $15,300

More stories were shared in a testimonial video

LISC C4 Client Testimonial - Final Version.MP4