LISC/IXL Center's Six-Feet-Apart Program is a Digital Accelerator to help cohorts of 20-30 small businesses over 4-6 weeks to get their operations back up-and-running safely.

The program helps:

  • Teams identify innovative ways to get back-to-business safely through the required six-feet-apart challenges and funding options

  • Individual and Teams get aligned with CEO priorities

  • Individuals work from home and still act like high performing teams

Small businesses will develop new and safer processes to get operationalized and get help to acquire funding

New and Safer Processes to Get Operationalized

  1. Working with Customers Six-Feet Apart

  2. Working with Employees Six-Feet Apart

  3. Working with Suppliers Six-Feet Apart

Acquire Loans to Fund Operations

  1. Paycheck Protection Program

  2. EIDL Loan Advance

  3. Verizon Small Business Recovery Plan

The Digital Accelerator provides methodology, discipline, mentors, and collaborative spaces for everyone to work safely


Collaborative and safe environment for teams to work together

Structured Approach

Clear start and finish dates


Mentors available to provide guidance and nudges

Examples of Six Feet Apart Solutions

Six-Feet-Apart Themes

Sophisticated "Six-Feet-Apart" solutions can bucketed under categories of like Touchless, DIY, Virtual, Drop-off/Pickup, Physical Barriers, or Robots

Six Feet Apart Strategies book is a compilation of stories of companies who are able to manage during the crisis and emerge as a winner. Their tactics and business model innovations are allowing them to both sustain and also navigate their businesses successfully in these uncertain times. The tactics are beyond social distancing policies and include a blend of behavioral, cognitive and network (BeCoN) solutions and capabilities.

GIM Institute Think -Tank has also compiled some examples of solutions that Corporations, SMEs, Government and other Institutions are adopting to manage during the crisis and most importantly "What is Next" beyond the crisis and how these solutions will further evolve.

There are three key success factors that depend on you to get results

Leadership direction and presence

Teams must dedicate time to the program

All activities must drive for results

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