In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Beyond Six-Feet-Apart Accelerator helps minority-owned small businesses get-back-to-business safely

The Beyond Six-Feet-Apart Accelerator is a pilot program that is being developed with and through this cohort. We are excited to have every participant in this pilot program as a contributor to our evolving work-in-progress.

People are scared and do not trust each other or businesses right now

We need innovative solutions that are beyond the obvious Six-Feet-Apart solutions.

Our process will help you get back-to-business safely and give you the confidence to re-open

Every business has suppliers, employees, and customers that interact with each other.

Within each group, we map out every interaction with your business, called a touch point. We label each one as "safe" or "unsafe" to identify which touch points need to be fixed.

We then use our database of Beyond Six-Feet-Apart solutions to determine the best option for each "unsafe" touch point. A plan is created to implement these solutions to make your business safe from front to back.

Beginning May 25th, we will empower five businesses from each of the following industries to get back to business safely

Food & Beverage

  • Restaurants
  • Bakery
  • Coffee Shops


  • Apparel Stores
  • Groceries Shops
  • Convenience Stores

Personal Services

  • Hair Salon
  • Dry-Cleaning
  • Children Care

Professional Services

  • Construction
  • Accountants
  • Architects

The pilot program is safe, structured, and supported by experts and our Beyond Six-Feet-Apart database

Safe E-Collaboration

Collaborative and safe environment for teams to work together

Structured Approach

Clear start and finish dates with concrete deliverables

Supported by Experts

Consultants, industry experts, and bright MBA students

We conducted an initial pilot cohort of four businesses to provide fast, initial insights regarding the Beyond Six-Feet-Apart approach

"My grandmother lives with me so health is a big concern during these times. I have to interact with people to run my business, which worries me. My team provided me with a plan to make my business as safe as possible when I re-open."

"The student team helped me identify the safety precautions my customers want me to implement upon re-opening. I can now communicate these changes via social media to show customers safety is the top priority."

"Being an online business, we didn't think much about COVID-19. With our new product, we have to test it and interact with people. This program challenged us to rethink how to make our business safe for our customers."

"Prior to the program, we wanted to host brunch events. Given COVID-19 this is not possible. Our team devised a plan to host online events related to food and not specifically brunch, which will allow us to continue operating."

Business owners in each sector will work together to identify and develop Beyond Six-Feet-Apart strategies for their own business and sector, and brainstorm with sector-specific experts

This program is ideal for business owners who are strong leaders willing to act now to get back-to-business safely

The Ideal Applicant

  • Looking to adapt their business model during this COVID-19 crisis
  • Committed to taking action to get back to business safely as soon as possible
  • Willing to build new ways of doing business in their sector by collaborating with others

Time and Commitment

  • Must be willing to invest 2-4 hours per week throughout the 4-6 week program
  • Willingness to learn from and share with others to contribute to the program
  • Available to collaborate with a consulting team and a mentor that will provide coaching and support

Expected Outcomes

  • Selection of Beyond Six-Feet-Apart solutions to get back-to-business safely
  • A partnership plan to identify who can help and by when
  • A developed implementation plan that gives you the "how-to" to make your business safe again

Our team is comprised of consultants, MBA students, and economic development experts

IXL Center helps Fortune 1000 businesses, start-ups, and innovation executives build the capabilities to create innovation breakthroughs & drive sustainable high performance growth.

LISC tackles the issues that have the greatest impact on community, family, and individual stability all at once, so that progress in one area is not undermined by neglect in another.

MGCC provides and supports inclusive business resources to organizations and empowers Small Business through financing and managerial assistance to create economic opportunities for all.

Apply now! Our pilot program begins May 25th with 20-25 companies

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Organizations building and supporting this program

More about our Beyond Six-Feet-Apart approach

Beyond SFA Themes

Beyond Six-Feet-Apart solutions can be categorized as Touchless, Do-It-Yourself, Digital/ Virtual, Protective Barriers, Robotics, or Certified Clean. Grouping them as such allows key learnings and insights to be identified and applied across multiple industries.

The Beyond Six-Feet-Apart Strategies book is a compilation of stories in which tactics and business model innovations allow them to sustain and navigate successfully in these uncertain times and emerge as a winner. The tactics are beyond social distancing policies and include a blend of behavioral, cognitive, and network (BeCoN) solutions and capabilities.

GIM Institute Think Tank has also compiled some examples of solutions that Corporations, SMEs, Governments, and other institutions are adopting to manage during the crisis. Most importantly, they look beyond the crisis to "What is Next" and how these solutions will further evolve.