We launched the program to assist minority-owned small businesses to get back to work safely and strategically in the wake of COVID-19

Our Goals for the Beyond Six Feet Apart Accelerator

  • Provide a structured, digitally-enabled planning process, supported by consulting teams, to respond safely and strategically to COVID-19.

  • Better understand the challenges small businesses and owners of color are facing at this time.

  • Develop impactful, responsive tools that can be deployed at scale throughout the small business support ecosystem

In the cohort, we guided 16 businesses across four sectors through our disciplined process

Businesses & University Teams

Client Testimonials

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As businesses re-open, they need to both adapt the business to make it safe and pursue new opportunities

Our process includes four modules to deliver a complete and robust implementation and investment plan to make your business safe and capture lost demand

Beginning July 20th, we will help 30 businesses across multiple sectors to create an actionable plan to win in the new normal

Food & Beverage

  • Restaurants

  • Bakery

  • Coffee Shops

Personal Services

  • Hair Salon

  • Dry-Cleaning

  • Children Care

Professional Services

  • Construction

  • Accountants

  • Architects


  • Apparel Stores

  • Groceries Shops

  • Convenience Stores

*The cohort is not limited to the above showcased industries, we are open to receiving applications from different industries

The pilot program is safe, structured, and supported by experts and our Beyond Six-Feet-Apart database

Safe E-Collaboration

Collaborative and safe environment for teams to work together

Structured Approach

Clear start and finish dates with concrete deliverables

Supported by Experts

Consultants, industry experts, and bright MBA students

Business owners in each sector will work together to identify and develop Beyond Six-Feet-Apart strategies for their own business and sector, and brainstorm with sector-specific experts

Join a network of proactive, strategic business leaders of color, learning from and supporting each other, and making connections to benefit your business long-term

The Ideal Applicant

  • Looking to adapt their business model during this COVID-19 crisis

  • Committed to taking action to get back to business safely as soon as possible

  • Willing to build new ways of doing business in their sector by collaborating with others

Time and Commitment

  • Must be willing to invest 3-4 hours per week throughout the six week program

  • Willingness to learn from and share with others to contribute to the program

  • Available to collaborate with a consulting team and a mentor that will provide coaching and support

Expected Outcomes

  • Safety plan with selection of Beyond Six-Feet-Apart solutions to get back-to-business safely

  • Strategic Plan to pivot the business with new opportunities and business models

  • A robust implementation/ investment plan with clear financial strategy & ROI

The hard work and dedication of multiple stakeholders create high-quality, actionable results for small business owners

"The student team helped me identify the safety precautions my customers want me to implement upon re-opening. I can now communicate these changes via social media to show customers safety is the top priority."

Elvis Styles, CEO

"Being an online business, we didn't think much about COVID-19. With our new product, we have to test it and interact with people. This program challenged us to rethink how to make our business safe for our customers."

Tiffany Fitz, Co-founder

"When COVID-19 closed my business, my employees were terrified to come back to work. The student team talked directly with my employees to create a re-opening plan that has now made them excited to return, meaning I can finally open my business again."

Nikia Londy, CEO

"By auditing the safety of my business, we decided it was too risky to re-open the dining section of my restaurant. Instead, we are growing our takeout services to capture lost demand by leveraging digital tools and DIY Pizza Kits."

Frank Carvalho, CEO

LISC Boston with the support of MGCC, partnered with IXL Center to create an innovative, digitally-enabled program to create a plan for a safe, strategic reopening.

IXL Center helps Fortune 1000 businesses, start-ups, and innovation executives build the capabilities to create innovation breakthroughs & drive sustainable high performance growth.

LISC connects communities to the capital, strategy, and capacity to be places where people thrive. They pool public & private resources and work with local partners to invest in housing, businesses, jobs, education, safety and health.

MGCC provides and supports inclusive business resources to organizations and empowers Small Business through financing and managerial assistance to create economic opportunities for all.

Apply now! Our next cohort begins July 20th with 30 companies

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More about our Beyond Six-Feet-Apart approach

Beyond SFA Themes

Beyond Six-Feet-Apart solutions can be categorized as Touchless, Do-It-Yourself, Digital/ Virtual, Protective Barriers, Robotics, or Certified Clean. Grouping them as such allows key learnings and insights to be identified and applied across multiple industries.

The Beyond Six-Feet-Apart Strategies book is a compilation of stories in which tactics and business model innovations allow them to sustain and navigate successfully in these uncertain times and emerge as a winner. The tactics are beyond social distancing policies and include a blend of behavioral, cognitive, and network (BeCoN) solutions and capabilities.

GIM Institute Think Tank has also compiled some examples of solutions that Corporations, SMEs, Governments, and other institutions are adopting to manage during the crisis. Most importantly, they look beyond the crisis to "What is Next" and how these solutions will further evolve.