LISC LA Case Studies

In LISC we had 22 success cases of participating businesses. There are three case study examples grouped in the following industries for Food and Beverage, Retail, and Personal Services

Food & Beverage

  • Toss it Up

  • Mingles Tea Bar

  • L'Angelique


  • Mae Mae

  • 51st Place

  • Stare Fashion

Personal Services

  • Darla's Doll House

  • Magic Hair

  • Wash My Dog

In the Food and Beverage sector, were looking to generate new revenue stream with new business model, creating new experience to increase sales, and simplifying and improving brand perception

Toss it Up, the first Black-Owned salad company in LA was re-defining a business concept for meal-plan subscription to get a new revenue stream in addition to her direct to consumer business model

Javonne and Matthew

Growth Plan

  • Meal-plan Subscription which allows busy professionals the luxury of eating health on the go.

  • Mock-up Website & Social Media Marketing Strategy and Manual.

  • Partnership Package to help scale the meal-plan concept.

  • Internship Profile and Description to hire interns.

Grant Allocation

  • $400: Print & Online Marketing materials (QR codes, flyers, banners, brochures, sponsored content, ADs)

  • $250: Better looking containers and packaging for larger-sized salads (including stickers)

  • $150: Merchandise (20 T-shirts)

  • $200: Maintenance of the truck

Mingles Tea Bar, a Loose - Leaf Tea Bar in Crenshaw, CA included monthly events to promote her products along with local bakers, increase her brand visibility and launch a coupon-based referral program

Lara Curtis

Growth Plan

  • Organizing 2-3 monthly events related to baker’s day, tea tasting etc. to increase local sales and promote MTB as a brand

  • Drive a comprehensive digital social media strategy to raise brand awareness and refurbishing the website for engagement

  • Running a coupon-based referral program to drive loyalty among customers

Grant Allocation

  • $250: Events (Baker’s Day, Tea Tasting, etc.)

  • $100: Web Development and refurbishment

  • $500: Online Marketing (leveraging social media influencers)

  • $150: Coupon and Referral Based Program

L’Angelique is Wellness sustainable platform based in Los Angeles, CA that identified a strategy to be present in retail shops and restaurants, reduced cost by identifying alternative suppliers, and improved its pricing strategy

Angelique Green

Growth Plan

  • Revamping website and consolidating content into one place to simplify brand

  • Define social media strategy to attract online customers (flyers, brochures)

  • Identified and reduced cost by identifying new suppliers and alternative operational processes and suggested a pricing strategy

  • Expanding presence in retail shops and restaurants

  • Evaluated additional potential interns for business expansion

Grant Allocation

  • $300: Google Ads ($50 per month for 6 months)

  • $150: Banner for Farmers Market

  • $250: Purchase inventory (Sea moss, sugar, bottles)

  • $300: Hire an intern

In the retail sector, business owners will implement digital strategies, leverage digital tools for inventory management and improve e-commerce sales

New age spiritual gift shop that hugs you with joy and accepts you exactly the way you are. Selling Jewelry, crystals and gift items

Rheena Mae

Growth Plan

  • Remodel Online shop to be more efficient and include some instore experiences.

  • Comprehensive digital marketing strategy to drive sales and create brand awareness.

  • Create product bundles ranges with better margins to cover digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Tools

  • $200: Amazon promotion campaigns

  • $500: Facebook (and Instagram) campaign

  • $300: Google pay per click

51st Place is an elevated bath and body care brand harnessing the power of plants for everyday wellness. Our mission to help busy moms prioritize their self-care through the daily tasks of bathing and body care while utilizing adaptogens and hemp extracts to produce an at-home spa experience

Channing Bias Smith

Growth Plan

  • Start targeting a complete new market segment “The Significant Other”

  • Streamlining Inventory management process via Shopify

  • Social Media Marketing by partnering with a social media marketing firms to help reach a broader audience.

Digital Tools

  • $800: Inventory –going through a product recalibration and will use online analytics to replenishing high velocity items.

  • $200: Marketing budget –Marketing campaigns through marketing companies like Statusphere

Stare Fashion is a unique boutique servicing women who want to turn heads. The styles live up to the tag line “I Dare you to Stare!” offering bold colors and unique cuts.

Alicia Culbertson

Growth Plan

  • Increase Social Media marketing conversion on site

  • SEO optimization – Keyword Search, Google Ads

  • Work with influencers

  • Create a content manager position –inhouse content manager or outsource

  • Improve Inventory Management – strategies to utilize the online store more efficiently. In store and online customers will get their products on time.

  • Become an Amazon vendor – Utilize Amazon to increase sales and brand awareness.

  • Find new suppliers – Look into Vietnam and Bangladesh for alternate suppliers.

Grant Allocation

  • $600 - Marketing (Google Ads)

  • $400 - Inventory Replenishment

In the Personal Services, the business owners will leverage online tools to improve their marketing strategies, increase operations efficiency and create new revenue streams

Darla's Dollhouse is a full-service salon and spa offering skin, hair, and nail services

Darla Thompson

Growth Plan

  • Marketing Campaign:

    • Mailchimp emails, Instagram Ads, Promotion of the salon's 5th Anniversary

  • Manager Operations:

    • Monthly meeting to check on marketing campaign, financials, employees' comments

    • Tracking of finances on an automated excel

  • Recruiting Plan: Job Descriptions were standardized

Grant Allocation

  • $240: Instagram Ads

  • $50: Quicken

  • $250: Community Manager/Intern

  • $100: Uniforms/Aprons

  • $360: Signage

Magic Hair provides custom quality wigs and other hair extension products for the everyday women, cancer and hair loss patients and ladies who want to switch their looks. Customizing products, colors and on-site installation.

Janiece Heyward

Growth Plan

  • Comprehensive marketing and digital social media strategy to raise brand awareness

    • Job description for hiring Marketing contractor

    • Calendar & Marketing artefacts

  • Design new offerings for new revenue stream

    • Medical prosthesis reimbursement opportunities

    • Additional new business offering

  • Create new partnerships (list)

Grant Allocation

  • $900: CRM Purchase and Training to the employees

  • $100 Resource to digitize existing customer paper information

Wash My Dog is a Black-owned dog grooming service with two locations in Los Angeles that prides itself on creating a warm and welcoming culture for pet owners and their fur babies. Wash My Dog is also expanding its business into product offerings and pet services.

Terryl and Andrea

Growth Plan

  • Social Media and Digital Marketing

    • Develop 3-5 weekly social media advertisements targeting potential customers (current customers and regional groomers)

    • Utilize Canvas application and branded templates to develop weekly customer ads

  • Bulk Product Offerings

    • Distribute newly developed bulk product brochure to over 60 potential grooming customers

Grant Allocation

  • $120: Canva software professional membership

  • $220: Facebook & Instagram ads Bulk Product Services

  • $100: Brochure printing Costs

  • $560: Additional dollars for advertising mailers

More stories were shared in a testimonial video

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