IXL Center

SME Digital Accelerator

Helping Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises to Be More Competitive

Using World-Class Approaches

Powered By Coaches and Consultants

IXL Center runs digital 4-12 week-long programs to help generate business growth for small and medium sized businesses

Minority-Owned Businesses

Small Businesses that want to go international

Small businesses that want to grow 10x

IXL Center helps companies (1) Generate incremental 2X growth, (2) Help companies Go Global, and (3) Drive transformational 10X growth

2X Growth

Connect business with one-on-one consulting to drive business growth through a Digital Accelerator to improve the core business and identify new opportunities

Duration: 7 weeks

Go Global

Connect business with one-on-one consulting to drive international market expansion through a Digital Accelerator to identify sales opportunities in new markets

Duration: 8-12 Weeks

10X Growth

Transform your organization for new growth Options by innovating opportunities leveraging your capabilities and offer 10X growth

Duration: 8-12 weeks

These programs are delivered using our Digital Accelerator that offers e-collaborative spaces, structured and discipline processes, and e-Mentors


Collaborative and safe environment for teams to work together

Structured Approach

Clear start and finish dates


Mentors available to provide guidance and nudges

We work with companies that have leadership presence and commitment, dedicated teams, and want bigger, better, faster, and bolder results

Leadership direction and presence

Teams must dedicate time to the program

All activities must drive for results

We have years of experience driving teams to get results using digital technology

We have been helping companies get results digitally for over ten years

First Version of Eureka E-lab developed for HULT
e-Lab used by +600 teams in Boston, Dubai, London, Sao Paulo, San Francisco and Shanghai
IXLerator developed using Moodle to sequence workflow along with E-Lab used by +90 companies simultaneously
10X SME-IXLerator launched with +120 companies in 4 different cities simultaneously
10X SME-IXLerator rolled out to 3 countries, 10 cities with +800 companies working simultaneously
Digital IXLerator becomes top choice for Corporates, SMEs, Universities and Industry Associations worldwide

About US

IXL Center is recognized by Forbes as one of the America's Best Management Consulting Firms in the Innovation and Strategic Growth Space. The company helps corporations and individuals develop breakthrough strategic solutions and world-class innovation management capabilities in order to drive significant, sustainable business impact.

The Center for Innovation, Excellence and Leadership (IXL Center) is focused on delivering breakthrough and high-performance results, building lasting innovation capabilities, and researching and codifying best practices in innovation management. We drive accelerated execution through our Innovation Accelerator, and our experienced consulting support and action coaching of Eureka, Pursuit, and Realization Teams.

The Global Innovation Management Institute, GIM Institute or GIMI in short, is the global nonprofit standard certification board for innovation and innovation management.

GIM Institute was initiated by a group of chief innovation officers, innovation executives, academics and consultants from around the world.

GIM Institute’s worldwide advocacy for making innovation a professional business discipline is reinforced by our globally recognized standards and certification program, extensive academic programs, communities of practice, and professional development opportunities.