IXL Center's 2X program is a Digital Accelerator to help cohorts of 20-30 small businesses over 7 weeks to help them improve their core business and identify new growth opportunities

Clear 4-step module approach for business growth

The virtual accelerator will help owners make their companies more digital and future-ready in order to drive business growth

Access to online software QuickGrowth

They will be able to leverage and navigate the QuickGrowth platforms to walk through the expected deliverables on current business improvements, new offerings, and driving sales

Access to online digital tools

  1. Database for online tools

  2. Support on how to use online tools

  3. Guided approach for business use going forward

The Digital Accelerator provides a disciplined methodology, trained and experienced mentors, and collaborative digital spaces


Collaborative and safe environment for teams to work together

Structured Approach

Clear start and finish dates


Mentors available to provide guidance and nudges

The program runs across industries such as Food and Beverage, Retail, Personal and Professional service and more

Food and Beverage

  • Restaurants

  • Bakery

  • Coffee Shops


  • Hair Salon

  • Dry-Cleaning

  • Children Care

Personal Services

  • Construction

  • Accountants

  • Architects

Professional Services

  • Transportation services

  • Moving companies

  • Event business

We work with business owners/companies with leadership commitment, dedicated teams, focused on getting bigger, better, faster, and bolder results

Company Profile

  • BIPOC Owned Business in LA region

  • Business is focused in personal care, retail or food industry

  • Makes greater than $100k/year and has at least 3 employees

  • Operational > 1 year

Owner Profile

  • Aspires to grow the business

  • Participates actively in meetings and provides input to consultants (4-5 hours per week)

  • Committed to implementing the outcomes of this program

Leadership direction and presence

Teams must dedicate time to the program

All activities must drive for results

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